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Delaware State Police Museum

The museum is open to the public and we invite you to stop by and visit us.

Scene of the Crime

The State Police investigate and solve crimes throughout the State of Delaware.

The Delaware State Police was founded in 1923

Here you'll find 10 decades of State Police history.

1946 Ford 2 Door Coupe

On display at the museum along side a 1941 Ford 2 Door Coupe.

Delaware State Police Helicopter

The helicopters are used for police and paramedic services.

Trooper Dan

Trooper Dan is an integral part of our outreach to the community youth.

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Delaware State Police Trooper Corporal First Class Stephen Ballard - End of Watch - April 26, 2017

Click here to watch the video Tribute to Corporal First Class Stephen Ballard.
Click here to view the memorial page.

A Memorial Tribute to our Fallen Heroes

Delaware State Police Fallen Heroes Memorial Book

Click here to view a Memorial Tribute to our Fallen Heroes.
Those who gave the ultimate sacrifice - their life.

Remembering our Fallen Hero who was taken in the month of August


William F. MayerWilliam F. MayerRibbon
Trooper First Class William F. Mayer was 28 years old on that fateful night in August, 1955He had stopped the driver of a pickup truck to warn him that his tail light was not working and lost his life. Trooper Mayer was northbound on U.S. Route 13 at Smyrna, near Duck Creek Bridge, when a tractor trailer struck the vehicle he had stopped, pinning him between the two. William Mayer was born in Wilmington in 1927, attended Wilmington High School and Rutgers University. He met his wife Ria, in Heidelberg, Germany, in the fall of 1946 while in the military. Ria was a displaced person from Latvia. The two corresponded from 1947-1949 until Ria finally arrived in America. After a brief courtship, they married in April, 1950. A member of the Delaware State Police since January, 1949, Trooper Mayer and family moved to Dover where he was stationed at Troop 3. As Ria relates Those short years were so happy for both of us. We hoped for a long life –to grow old together. It wasn’t to be…I know he was proud to be a Delaware State Policeman and loved his work. But…he was much too young to die. Trooper William Mayer was laid to rest in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Dover, Delaware. He is survived by his wife Ria Mayer, his parents, August P. and Mildred Mayer, and three sisters, Elizabeth, Myrtle, and Margaret.




Fallen Trooper Kevin J. Mallon



SOLD OUT - The latest DSP Challenge Coin

Delaware State Police 2017 Challenge Coin

Call Kevin McDerby at the Museum to reserve your gold or silver coin now at 302-739-7700 or stop by the museum to purchase it.

Delaware State Police Memorial Service

DSP Memorial Service Folded Flag

The annual Delaware State Police Memorial Service was held December 5th, 2016, at St. Polycarp's Church, 135 Ransom Lane, Smyrna, DE at 0930 hours. (2016 Service)


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